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Levelling feet.

Adjustable feet of various shapes for height adjustment or leveling of industrial machines, appliances, work tables, racks…

Threaded inserts for square tubes.

Plugs with a nut aesthetically close the edge of the pipe and protect the floor. The nut in the plug enables the combination with adjustable feet.

New products .

Made in EU

We have our own production of plastic injected inserts.

Products in stock

Products in stock are shipped next day.

Shipping inside EU

Products are shipped to all European countries.


We are ISO 9001-2015 certified.

Selected categories.

Tube plugs round

We offer a wide selection of tube plugs round.
Different dimensions and models available.

Grip screws and nuts

Levelling feet

Tube plugs square

We offer a wide selection of tube plugs square.
Different dimensions and models available.

Plastika Bevc

We add value to plastics. .

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We are a technology company that, with its knowledge and tradition, enables the development of custom plastic products. We are a responsive, innovative and stable partner in the field of plastic injection molding. Our employees are the ones who make a difference through their knowledge, dedication to work, and striving for perfection.
01 Plastic injection.
Together – From development to series production.
02 Tool transfer.
You are changing the manufacturer of your plastic products. Do you need additional capacity? We enable injection molding of plastic products with your tool.
03 Customize elements.
In addition to the wide range of standard elements that are available, only these can be adapted to the specific needs of the customer on request.

Catalog of standard products Plastike Bevc.

New catalog with more than 2000 standard products. Get a digital catalog or request a hard copy.